Production General SOPs

  • Plant entry,exit (Exacutive Entrance)
  • Plant entry,exit (Workers Entrance)
  • Insect and Rodent
  • Water treatment Plant
  • Trials For New Products
  • Identification & traceability
  • Assigning mfg,exp dates to batches
  • Maintaining machine usage log
  • Cleaning of equipment and asccessories in production area
  • Handling of controlled items in Production area
  • Sop for receiving of batches for packaging from Production department
  • General cleanliness in packing section
  • Packing of a product on a packaging line
  • Packing of tabs & caps in packaging section
  • Assigning work to various workers on packing line
  • Batch stamp preparation
  • Retaining of sample of Finished Goods
  • Returned Goods Handling
  • Destruction of expired,rejected materials

Production Machinery & Tools

  • Rotary tablet press ZP-17E GMP Model China
  • U-type mixer
  • Rotary wet granulator
  • Powder tray dryer (oven type)
  • Oscillating granulator
  • Double cone mixer
  • Automatic Capsule filling machine
  • Alu-Alu Blistering Machine

Production Operational SOPs

  • Rotary Tablet Press Operating SOP
  • U-type mixer Operating SOP
  • Rotary wet granulator Operating SOP
  • Powder tray dryer (oven type) Operating SOP
  • Oscillating granulator Operating SOP
  • Double cone mixer Operating SOP
  • Automatic Capsule filling machine Operating SOP
  • Alu-Alu Blistering Machine Operating SOP

Production Cleaning SOPs

  • Rotary Tablet Press Cleaning SOP
  • U-type mixer Cleaning SOP
  • Rotary wet granulator Cleaning SOP
  • Powder tray dryer (oven type) Cleaning SOP
  • Oscillating granulator Cleaning SOP
  • Double cone mixer Cleaning SOP
  • Automatic Capsule filling machine Cleaning SOP
  • Alu-Alu Blistering Machine Cleaning SOP

Production Taining Form & SOP

  • Sop For Training
  • Training Request Form
  • Task Equipment Training Form
  • Training Feedback Form
  • Training Participant List
  • Training Schedule