Insect And Rodent Control SOPs

To control insects in pharmaceuticals, this SOP is created Insect And Rodent Control SOPs, Insect and rodents are too much harmful in pharmaceuticals unit.


This procedure is established for control of insects and rodents in the plant.


It is applicable in plant.


A) It is the responsibility of Production Manager, to ensure that this SOP is followed in its entirety, reviewed and update as necessary.


4.1 Chemicals required for insect control
a) Insecticides
b) Fumigants

a) Insecticides:
Insecticides are classified according to the type of action that results in destruction of the insects. Synthetic organic compound, a single material, produces insecticidal action in several ways. Certain materials are selected and used, however, in such a manner as to accomplish control by stomach contact or fumigating action.
Most of the insecticides in use today depend largely on contract action to destroy insects.

b) Fumigants:
Fumigants are gases or vapors used for the control of insects, usually in enclosed spaces. The fumigants include potassium permanganate, Formaline and many others. A number of the chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides have sufficiently high efficiency to cause marked fumigating action against insects.
In the Pharmaceuticals Ltd. we use Formalin for the said purpose.



4.3) Application of Insecticides:-

Insecticidal sprays are formulated in three ways as solution, emulsion, or suspension. In preparing solution the material may be dissolved in a suitable solvent such as crude or refined kerosene. Many insecticide preparation containing pyrethrum are distributed in solution form ready for application.
Many of the pests in homes and industrial establishment include mice, rats, cockroaches, auto and silver fish. Insecticides will therefore go a long way toward reducing the insect problem within homes and pharmaceuticals industries.

4.4) Ant Control:-

Several species of ants are pests in the pharmaceutical industries or around the premises.
For ant control, the best procedure is to locate the ant colony and apply Insecticide.

4.5) Cockroaches:-
Many species found in homes and industrial establishments. Although the efficacy of different insecticides varies with the species.
Most aerosol formulas contain phyrethum, alletturin. Boric acid and boron in finely powdered form applied to hiding places and runways are used for cockroach control, although they are less effective and slower to produce results than most other insecticides, Bygone and Dursban, coopered sprays are widely used insecticides for cockroach control.

05 TRAINING for Insect And Rodent Control SOPs:

The staff responsible for performance of this operating instruction, has to be demonstrated periodically about the content of this SOP.

Before starting with the job, the employee has to be demonstrated about the content of this SOP.

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