FTIR Spectrometer (Fourier Transform) use in Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories face strong regulatory requirements and market pressure at each step along the product development pipes. FTIR Spectrometer (Fourier Transform) is one of the best equipment for pharmaceutical analysis because it is easy to use, every analyst can easily use this FTIR easily and learn quickly to operate it, fast, and helps ensure regulatory compliance through the validation protocol.

A Guide to FTIR Analysis & FTIR Applications

Infrared spectroscopy is a versatile method for determining fingerprints and identification of pharmaceutical compounds and functional groups in molecules. It measures energy absorption in the infrared frequency range. Pharmaceutical samples of gas, liquid, or solid can be analyzed by infrared spectroscopy.

The Fourier Transform (FTIR) infrared spectroscopy method, where the interferometer is used as a substitute for monochromator, which allows simultaneous analysis in the infrared frequency range. Because part of it and its sensitivity, FTIR has become a standard analysis of pharmaceutical infrared spectroscopy.

Pharmaceuticals use of FTIR

Infrared Spectroscopy Fourier Transform (FTIR) is an established and strong instrumental technique, with FTIR analysis providing detailed information about solid, liquid, and gas samples composition. To learn about the basics of FTIR,

Infrared Spectroscopy Fourier Transform

Consideration of purchases for pharmaceutical infrared spectroscopy equipment includes a chemical state of the sample to be evaluated, the size of the laboratory, the portability of the desired instrument, laboratory budget, and production regulations, such as the requirements of the analytical technology meeting (PAT).

  • Basic drug research and structural explanation
  • Formulation Development and Validation
  • The quality control process for entry and exit material
  • Disclosure of packaging.


Cleaning SOPs for FTIR Spectrometer

Operational SOPs for FTIR Spectrometer

Calibration SOPs for FTIR Spectrometer

Installation Qualification of FTIR Spectrometer

Operational Qualification of FTIR Spectrometer

Performance Qualification of FTIR Spectrometer

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