Returned Goods Handling

Returned Goods Handling is described in this blogpost that help to handle of return goods


To describe the procedure for returned goods received from distributors/market.


i) Returned goods received from Distributors will be received on a document.
ii) This stock will be sorted out and segregated into 4 categories

Category No.1

Stock can be reused if having reasonable shelf life at least more than six months after checking from Q.C. and redressing if required.

Category No.2

If left over shelf life is between 3-6 months it will be converted to Physician sample after Q.C. checking.

Category No.3

If the shelf life is below three months, it can be donated to any running clinic, or charity organization after checking from Q.C. and redressing if required, with final approval of CEO.

Category No.4

If the stock received is already expired, and we are bound to receive due to any reason, it will be segregated. A list of expired stock will be prepared and approval from CEO for destruction purpose will be obtained.

This expired stock will be now handed over to sanitation officer on TN(Transfer Note). Destruction of the stock will be carried out at the specified space i.e. Incinerator, in presence of In process Quality Control Staff.

In all cases a Finished Goods return stock will be prepared and copy of information will be forwarded to Manager Distribution and Accounts Department for clearance etc.

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