Sop for Entry and Exit to Microbiology Lab

To ensure the safety of personnel and maintain the integrity of experiments within the microbiology laboratory, this Sop for Entry and Exit to Microbiology Lab outlines the proper procedures for entering and exiting the microbiology lab.


To lay down the Sop for Entry and Exit to Microbiology Lab


This procedure applies whenever entry into microbiology lab.


Microbiologist is responsible to adopt entry & exit procedure to microbiology lab.


Who guidelines


SOP: Standard operating procedure
IPA: Iso Propyl Alcohol


Materials & Equipment

  • Lab coat
  • Shoe cover ,mask & head cover
  1. Entry Procedure For Microbiologist/Workers
  2. Enter the quality control department through staircase.
  3. Remove the street footwear & keep them in designated place.
  4. Cross over the cross over bench & wear dedicated QC slippers.
  5. Open the garment cubical & wear dedicated white apron.
  6. Open the entry door & reach the microbiology section through QC corridor.
  7. Open the entry door & enter into air lock of microbiology Section.
  8. Remove the dedicated QC slippers & keep them in designated place.
  9. Cross over the bench & wear the dedicated microbiology lab slippers.
  10. Disinfect your hands with 70% IPA & rub hands for drying.
  11. Press the interlocking button & open the door & enter into microbiology lab general corridor.
  12. From microbiology lab general corridor, enter into different areas as required, following the described entry procedure for respective area.
  13. Access to the microbiology lab is restricted to authorized personnel only.
  14. Long hair must be tied back, and loose or dangling jewelry should be removed or secured.
  15. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before entering the lab.
  16. Hand sanitizer stations are available at the entrance; use sanitizer after washing hands.
  17. Ensure that all necessary equipment and materials are present and in working order before starting any experiments.
  18. Report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment to the lab supervisor immediately.
  19. Follow all safety protocols and guidelines while working in the lab.
  20. Avoid unnecessary movements and distractions.
  21. Do not eat, drink, or apply cosmetics in the lab area.

For Visitors:

Use full sleeve white visitor apron, cap, and shoe cover instead of staff apron, cap &QC & microbiology lab slippers.


For Helpers:

Use dedicated factory dress (pant. Shirt, cap) & remaining entry procedure as same as staff.


Wear dedicated factory dress in the change room after removing the street garments.

Emergency Procedures:

Emergency Exit:

  • Familiarize yourself with the nearest emergency exits and evacuation routes.
  • In case of a fire alarm or any other emergency, leave the lab immediately, following the evacuation procedures posted in the lab.

Incident Reporting:

  • Report all accidents, spills, or injuries to the lab supervisor and complete the necessary incident report forms.

Lab Cleanup:

  • Clean and disinfect the work area, equipment, and tools used during the experiment according to laboratory protocols.
  • Dispose of biohazard waste, sharps, and other hazardous materials in designated containers.
  • Return all equipment and materials to their proper storage locations.


  • All personnel must undergo laboratory safety training before accessing the microbiology lab.
  • Regular refresher training sessions will be conducted to ensure everyone is up-to-date with safety protocols and procedures.

Exit Procedure

  1. Press enter-locking button to open the air lock door.
  2. Open the exit door of main entry air lock & entry into the air lock. Keep the dedicated microbiology lab slippers in the designated place.
  3. In case of shoe covers, remove the covers and put them in dustbin.
  4. Cross over the bench & wear dedicated QC slippers.
  5. Open the door leading to QC corridor & enter into QC corridor
  6. Open the door leading to exit from QC.
  7. Remove the apron & cap & hang them in the designated place of the garment cubicle. Place the dedicated QC slippers in the designated place.
  8. In case of shoe covers, remove the covers and put them in dustbin.
  9. Cross over the cross over bench & wear street footware.
  10. Open the exit door & reach the staircase to depart from the QC department.
  11. In the case of dedicated factory dress, remove the dress in the Change room & wear the street garments.
  12. f there has been direct contact with potentially hazardous materials, follow lab-specific decontamination procedures.


Flow Diagram (Annexure A)

Annexure A: Flow Diagram

This SOP provides a structured approach to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals working in the microbiology lab while maintaining the integrity of experiments and research activities.

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