Disintegration Apparatus use in Pharmaceuticals Industry

Disintegration Apparatus testers are used to test how drugs in the form of pellets will be destroyed in solution. Like the testers of dissolution, they allow researchers and medical practitioners to analyze in vitro details of powder compounds for quality control purposes. Standard disintegration tester A.S. Pharmacopeia uses three baskets with round mesh (or mesh sample tube), which slowly moved up and down in the water bath at 37 ° C. The tablet is placed in the basket of the disintegration tester and the time taken for them destroyed; Or, disintegration testers can be used for pass / failed to see if the tablet will dissolve completely, if at all. Simple tools such as disintegration testers must be assessed with their relative compactness, the quality and accuracy of their temperature control system, and whether they can automatically report results or not.

Disintegration Apparatus consists of assembly shelves, 1 liter glass, thermostatic settings for heating liquids and mechanical tools for Increase and lower the basket in soaking liquid at a constant frequency level.

Disintegration Apparatus contain Basket-rack assembly. Stiff and stiff assembly baskets Supports six cylindrical glass tubes, 77.5 ± 2.5 mm, 21.5 mm internally and with a wall thickness of about 2 mm (image.). Tube held vertically by two transparent plastic plates superimposed, 90 ± 2mm in diameter and 6.75 ± 1.75 mm hollow with six holes have The diameter is the same as the tube.

The holes are the same from the middle of the plate and equally spaced from each other. Attached to the lower part of the lower plate is Woven fabric stainless steel wire with plain square woven with 2.0 ± 0.2 mm hole mesh and with a diameter of the wire from 0.615 ± 0.045 mm. That The upper plate is covered with a hollow stainless steel disc with six holes, each around 24 ± 2 mm, which fits above the tube and holds them between plastic plates. Holes coincide with people from the top plastic plates and the open end of the glass tube. A suitable way is Provided to suspend the assembly shelves from the device raise and decrease using the point on its axis.

The plate is held rigid in position and 77.5 mm apart by vertical metal rods on the edge and metal rods also remain to the center The upper plate to allow assembly must be attached to the device to raise and decrease smoothly at constant frequencies between 28 and 32 The cycle per minute travels 50 to 60 mm. The time needed for the upper stroke is the same as the time needed for the stroke down, and changes in the direction of the stroke that must be smooth and not sudden. There should be enough horizontal movements or axis movements from vertical. Design basket-assembly shelves may be a bit different specifications for glass tubes and the screen mesh size do not change.

Disintegration Apparatus
The assembly is suspended in a liquid medium in a suitable vessel, preferably a 1 liter glass. The volume of liquid is such that wire mesh in the company The highest point is at least 25 mm below the surface of the liquid, and at a lower point of at least 25 mm above the bottom of the glass. Never Must over the assembly shelves become submerged. There are thermostatic settings for heating fluid and maintaining
Temperature at 37 ° ± 2 °.


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